53 ex VIP che dimostrano che la fama non basta

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There are those who are good at managing money and those who squander it at the first opportunity. Believe it or not, VIPs are no exception! This list includes actors, actresses and singers who had millionaire fortunes and lost them. Others have just chosen to switch careers for more privacy. Some have even had to go back to “normal” jobs to support themselves, read on to find out more.

Pupo (Enzo Ghinazzi)

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Enzo Ghinazzi was born in Ponticino, a fraction of Laterina Pergine Valdarno, in the province of Arezzo. The father was a postman and the mother a housewife, but both delighted in acting and singing. The singer’s debut with the stage name Pupo dates back to 1975 with the single Ti scriverò .

The following year Pupo released his first album, Come sei bella . The real success, however, comes with the second disc, Gelato al cioccolat o, which contains the homonymous piece, written with Cristiano Malgioglio, and Ciao and is the first of Pupo’s 11 gold discs. In 1980 the Tuscan singer participated for the first time in the Sanremo festival, with the song Su di noi , included in the third album Più di prima . In addition to Su di Noi , the disc contains Firenze Santa Maria Novella , a true declaration of love for the Tuscan capital. In his career, Pupo also acted as a conductor and wrote three books.Bench only! Diary of a player called Pupo describes his passion for gambling, in which he has squandered very important sums over the years.

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