Laugh and Cry at These Super-Cringey Wedding Photos!

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Weddings are one of the most beautiful events in a couple’s lifetime. It’s a time when the bride and groom’s friends and family get together and share one of the best days in their lives. Everyone gets to share their incredible stories of how the bride and groom met, laughs, and even sad moments. But what if there was a small glitch in the matrix that caused a particular event (or was intentionally unintentional) that will be remembered forever? Something that could cause future offspring to cringe or laugh forever? Get ready to see some of the most hilarious and embarrassing wedding photos shared throughout the internet!

1. The Perfect Fairy Tale Wedding


Whenever you receive a wedding invitation from your friend, especially a themed wedding, you’d probably just go with the flow. But did you ever think that your friend would do a Shrek themed wedding? Well, this couple did! The bride and groom dressed as Princess Fiona and Shrek decided that they could pull off a fantastic cosplay from their favorite children’s movie.

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