15 Smartest Dogs You Can Get Yourself Today

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3. Pugs

Pugs have short muzzled faces, they are wrinkly and well, they easily make it to the list of the smartest dogs you can find around. They have interesting characteristics including that they are able to act just like their owners. They also very easily adapt to any environment they find themselves in. Pugs are also great when left with children. This is because they enjoy goofing around with them and playing different games. Needless to say, they have a very charming personality. They are very smart dogs but they easily get bored of repetitive activities. Too much repetition makes them get distracted and this results in difficulty when training them. However, once you fully train them, you will realize that it was totally worth it. With proper training, these dogs are trustworthy and you can confidently leave them with other animals. They particularly enjoy hanging around other dogs and also have no problem being around cats.

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