Are They The Most Beautiful Twins You’ve Ever Seen? They Have An Amazing Backstory, Too!

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Happily married Jaqi and her husband Kevin Clements have an extraordinary pregnancy story to share with the world. Despite an early delivery in 2010, they welcomed beautiful twin baby girls Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements. They have expected their daily lives to change, of course, but not to this extent!

Gorgeous from birth, the twins took the internet by storm with their adorable looks, soon rising to popularity. Keep reading to find out more about their daily lives and modeling careers!

Arriving Sooner Than Expected

Born on July 7, the twins arrived more than a month before their due date, much to the surprise of their mother, Jaqi Clements. She jokingly adds that there must have been a reason for them to come knocking earlies than expected and thinks that it has something to do with their blooming personalities – they are just curious to see as much as possible of the world!

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