The Most Mind-Blowing Mansions Of Your Favorite Celebs, Who Have Millions To Spare!

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This lavish list features beloved celebrities, whose career speaks for themselves – as well as their luxurious homes. Surely you can afford the most prestigious place to live, if you’ve been famous for decades!

Come see how these stars live their daily lives – or learn more about the properties they used to own. You will be amazed at the extraordinary cost of these mansions, as well as the carefully selected locations and interior design elements!

Kenny Rogers – Atlanta Mansion, $2,383 Million

The late country singer, Kenny Rogers retired from the music industry in 2017, but he had a career spanning five decades! He sold millions of studio albums worldwide and produced many hit singles during his time as a musician.

Surely it comes as no surprise that he has invested some of his fortunes into housing – namely, a beautiful, elaborate Atlanta mansion, which he sold in 2018. It features 6 bedrooms, 8 full bathrooms, an enormous kitchen, fireplaces all around and a game room/movie room. Talk about living like a king!

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