15 Smartest Dogs You Can Get Yourself Today

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It has been said for so many years that a dog is man’s best friend. This is definitely true considering just how loyal and helpful dogs can be. These amazing animals do it all from taking care of your child to cheering you up when you’re feeling low. Dogs keep you company when you’re alone and go further to provide you with security whenever you need it. The best part is, unlike human beings, they don’t complain. Also we definitely recommend to try the besten online slots from our partners with good bonuses from us!

Thanks to this, everyone who has a dog will often boast that theirs is the best one. Naturally, anyone with one will say theirs is the cutest and the smartest one. However, when it comes to how smart every dog is studies have proven that some dogs are actually smarter than others. Below is a list of fifteen of the smartest dogs around. They include:

1. German Shepherds

Source: https://dogtime.com

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dogs you can find. They are loved all around the world because of just how brave and intelligent they are. They never have issues when it comes to working hard. They are also very strong and curious aside from having an incredibly high level of emotional intelligence.

In most cases these dogs are trained to handle a wide range of tasks but it’s safe to say that this training is worth it because they end up being so great at everything they do. They excel in helping the handicapped, they can be trained to carry out search operations with the police, rescue operations and can also participate in detecting of illegal drugs. Thanks to how good they are, they also help out in military operations.

Despite being so tough, it’s amazing how good they are with children, especially toddlers. They easily develop a bond with them, one that forces them to be very protective when it comes to these little kids.

2. Poodles

Source: https://www.australiandoglover.com

Poodles originated from Germany and just like the German Shepherd, these dogs are very popular. They are available in three sizes that include miniature, toy and the standard variation. If you want a poodle for your family then the standard variety works best. The standard poodle is smart and also very gentle whenever it’s around young children. This type of poodle is also good for people who have some allergies because with them there isn’t too much shedding when compared to other dog breeds.

In terms of their work poodles are impressively efficient which is why a lot of people like to involve them in hunting activities. They also have amazing instincts and are among the easiest dogs to train. You however have to be very consistent in training them because they need to exercise regularly. This helps them uphold good behavior otherwise they will get restless.

Poodles have a waterproof coat and are very graceful when they move. They dislike harsh tones and also don’t enjoy being kept outside. They suffer from separation anxiety when they are left alone.

3. Pugs


Pugs have short muzzled faces, they are wrinkly and well, they easily make it to the list of the smartest dogs you can find around. They have interesting characteristics including that they are able to act just like their owners. They also very easily adapt to any environment they find themselves in.

Pugs are also great when left with children. This is because they enjoy goofing around with them and playing different games. Needless to say, they have a very charming personality. They are very smart dogs but they easily get bored of repetitive activities. Too much repetition makes them get distracted and this results in difficulty when training them. However, once you fully train them, you will realize that it was totally worth it.

With proper training, these dogs are trustworthy and you can confidently leave them with other animals. They particularly enjoy hanging around other dogs and also have no problem being around cats.

4. Rottweiler

Source: http://www.vetstreet.com

Rottweilers are known to be very hardworking dogs. They are very sharp and are so good at following orders from their owners. These dogs will give you great attention especially if you keep them well-groomed and allow them to exercise regularly.

This breed of dogs is also popular for its loyalty and courage. Whenever it’s given a task, the Rottweiler will do it with utmost commitment. It is because of these specific qualities that it is often used as a guard dog. These dogs also have a great way of enduring pain without showing it.

5. Papillons

Source: https://www.petguide.com/

Papillons are originally from France and are a toy spaniel dog breed. They are undoubtedly beautiful and when you groom them well, these dogs look just like a butterfly’s wings. Aside from being beautiful, they are also very smart dogs. They have a way of adapting easily to the different environments they find themselves in. These dogs also have a great work ethic.

They remain alert and thanks to their alertness, they make for great watchdogs. Papillons are also great with kids especially if you give them proper training when they are still young. This way it’s easy for them to socialize with others.

6. Bearded Collie

Source: https://dogtime.com

The Bearded Collie is well known as a great dog for herding sheep and cattle. They do this job so well even in the worst of weather conditions. They are known to be very intelligent dogs and their obedience and loyalty makes training them very easy. At times these dogs can get mischievous and will play around a lot which is what makes it great for a family setting.

The Bearded Collie needs to be exercised very often and needs to get as much attention as possible very often so that it remains in its best behavior. The Bearded Collie enjoys being around other dogs and in participating in different dog sports.

7. Cocker Spaniel

Source: http://www.vetstreet.com[/caption]

The Cocker Spaniel is another smart dog breed with amazing qualities. This breed is often said to be trustworthy and very loving. It is very intelligent and easily adapts to any environment it finds itself in. The Cocker Spaniel dogs are known to be great at working often displaying jubilance and activeness.

They are great at hunting. These dogs easily get attached to their masters so if you know that you’re away on most occasions it’s best not to get this dog. That said, they are great for families that have small children that may want a pet.

8. Labrador Retriever

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org

The Labrador Retriever is another popular breed because of just how great it is around children. When you get these dogs, you will quickly notice how affectionate and friendly they are even with other animals around them. Aside from that they are gentle and display a high level of patience.

The Labrador Retriever is also a very smart dog often being preferred for different tasks since the Labrador is a working class dog. It is often used in rescue missions and the best part is that training this dog is very easy compared to a lot of other breeds. That said, these dogs can actually train themselves just by repeating what they see other people doing.

9. Golden Retriever

Source: http://www.vetstreet.com

The Golden Retriever is known to have amazing memory considering it can learn over 200 commands. These dogs are very intelligent which is why many people love having them in their homes and at work too. They are always at their masters’ service, so ready to do as instructed. As such they are always excited to learn new things from those around them.

These dogs are also obedient and even when around strangers, they maintain their best behavior. They are great around young children as they enjoy fun games in medium sized yards. They are also great at hunting and precise when it comes to finding the hunted animals.

10. Yorkshire Terrier

Source: http://www.bravotv.com

The Yorkshire Terrier is compact in size often weighing just up to seven pounds. These dogs are undeniably beautiful with a rich golden tan and a nice silky coat which stands out as its floor-length. It actually looks a lot like human hair which is why a lot of people in large urban areas love them so much.

This breed is also very independent and is impressively observant.  Yorkshire Terrier dogs love interacting with people especially the elderly. They like to show a lot of affection for their owners making them so lovable. They also like learning new things.

11. Boxers

Source: https://www.akc.org

Boxers are loyal dogs that are usually willing to do everything required of them by their masters. They do come across as headstrong dogs but you can easily change this by training them after which they become very patient and also kind, contrary to a lot of people’s thinking.

Boxers also like to play around with small children because they are generally very energetic. To keep these dogs in their best behavior, you need to expose them to a lot of physical activity. They are also great at solving problems on their own.

12. Belgian Malinois

Source: https://www.mypets.net.au

Belgian Malinois dogs are both strong and intelligent. They can handle a lot of tasks and are often preferred for detecting drugs and other police jobs. They have amazing work ethic and also require regular physical activity. If you have this breed, ensure you socialize it often.

Since these dogs are easy to train, they often work alongside the military and with search rescue teams. These dogs enjoy training and are obedient to their masters. For training ensure that they are in a specialized field.

13. Border Collie

Source: https://www.akc.org

Border Collies are amazing dogs that easily adapt to the different environments they find themselves in. As such, they are great for families and can live well with teenagers.  Regardless of the fact that these dogs are both independent and strong-willed, with the right training they can easily become your cuddle buddy.

Since they are very brilliant in everything they do, acrobatic and athletic, they do well in dog sporting activities.  You can also trust them to herd your cattle and sheep.

14. Shetland Sheepdogs

Source: https://www.raho.com

These dogs are fondly referred to as Shelties.  They are amongst the most honest dogs you can find around. They adapt easily to different environments that they find themselves in and are also very observant.

Shetland Sheepdogs are unique in how they communicate with their owners and are also very energetic dogs. These dogs were mostly kept for herding purposes in Scotland thanks to their athletic build. They are also great at learning different tricks and are very fast.

15.Doberman Pinscher

Source: https://pets.thenest.com

These dogs are known to be intelligent, naturally assertive and fearless. They are known to have been on the frontline in different wars according to history and are great at doing various police jobs too. Their training often involves showing them how to be more docile and despite the fact that they look really fearsome and aggressive, they are very gentle and affectionate.

These dogs are also very loyal making them great for your family setup.

There you go. Fifteen different dogs that are known to be very smart. They will make a great addition to your family or workplace as they are all great in carrying out different tasks.

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